how does God love someone like me? someone who is as unloveable as me.. 
it’s truly a mystery 


Mama Dearest

My mum is awesome, but I didn’t always agree. I thought I hated her because she shouted a lot. I thought I hated her because my dad wasn’t around. I thought I hated her because she always threw parties . We just seemed so different. I was quiet at home and liked to read and my mum was the total. opposite. I thought this meant I was adopted as we didn’t connect at all. I would go out and not come home until the next day to purposely worry her and see if she would care. I know she was worried about me as I was constantly getting excluded from school for my behaviour and would come home and not talk. We just fought constantly and after many attempts to run away, she suggested we sit down and talk. It still didn’t work and we resumed arguing and slamming doors not long after.

When I turned 14 and found Christ, I found a new love for my mum. Somehow I saw her in a different light and realised I had so much respect for her hustle lol. My mum had actually lost her job twice because she had to come and collect me from school because of my behaviour. She never once made me feel like we were struggling financially or make me go without. Yes we were different but we came to an understanding and now she’s literally my best friend. We now appreciate the differences in each other and use them to cover each others weaknesses.

God gave me so much grace and turned our relationship around.

I have so much compassion and patience to help any young girl who feels frustrated because they cant get on with their parents
 It does get better.. It’s but for a season 


Hello, pleased to meet You Jesus :)

Before you start writing on WordPress, it’s says “share your story here…” So that’s what imma do :). I’ve always wanted to share my testimony but for fear of judgement or people changing their minds about me, I’ve left it. When people meet me now, they see a slightly ‘polished’ version of me compared to 6/7 years ago when I didn’t even know who I was. I first came into contact with Christ at the age of 14 and now, close to 25 (Waaaa) I’ve come to appreciate the journey I’ve been on with my Saviour.

I will try as much as I can to share my testimony because I’ve always believed people find strength and courage in another ones┬ástory.

Maybe I will do different topics in different posts.. hmm

That’s an idea


Guess whose back?

Okay, so I am so ashamed of myself to be honest. Its been forever and the last time I wrote was… never mind.

I’m growing older and realising the importance of using your gift for God. Like I always say, even if its just the one person that reads it (Agatha lol), my heart smiles!

So sit back, relax and enjoy!


Food for thought

As I’ve got older, I’ve come to see you don’t need much. You don’t need many friends, or much money, or even material things. Life is about quality not quantity. If you have one good, loyal, honest friend, your much better off than having 7 sometimeish friends who only call you when they want something…

Back (Again lol..)

I’ve missed this.. being able to write what I want, as and when I want. I am determined for this not to be a phase cause I just love it too much.


This year has been an adventure to say the least. Ive lost and gained friends, I’ve lost a job and found a new job (by grace), I’ve loved and been hurt too. Been a roller coaster I tell yaaaaa! I’m amazed at just how God works. I thought it was simple; You love God and He takes care of everything else. Thats not the case at all. Theres trials and temptations, loved ones passing, heartbreak and so on.. I love it though, it has strengthened my relationship with Him and shown me His sovereignty . Time and time again we put our faith & trust in human beings instead of the One who knows, sees and does it all.